There are two determining factors for more satisfaction of the farmers : Higher quality & more quantity of the crops. These two factors move in the same direction and lead to making more money for the farmers. Nowadays, achieving better quality and higher quantity of the products needs better management of the farm. Besides the important managements like Watering management , Pests and diseases management there is another branch which has its own importance and that’s Nutrient management. So that , the proper nutrient management of the plant could also affect the other managements due to its importance.Concurrent with the development of Science and Technology in today’s world agricultural sector has also progressed in such a way that many chances have been created to make the farmer more familiar with Genetic potential of his own products.Genetic potential of a crop is the inherent ability of that crop for production in the case that there is no or less limitation for production of that crop.In other words when the farmer can overcome the conditions and factors limiting production , he could expect more productions. For instance the production rate of Cucumber in an open Agricultural land is around 50 Tons per Hectare , while this production rate in a greenhouse reaches to 500 ton per Hectare and also this production rate is around 800 ton in Hydroponic cultivation per one Hectare. With a closer look to this process and the production rate we see that if the production limiting factors like cold & hot weather , moisture, water , pests and diseases , soil and so on are more controlled and supervised , the production rate would increase .In other words the Farmer becomes more familiar with the Genetic potential of his products. As another fact in this field , we should accept that for a principled production of agricultural crops in each season , the limiting factors of production especially the environmental factors like temperature and humidity are always changing and it means if the farm management is not flexible enough or if the management is not ready to face with such changes it would not be close or familiar with Genetic potential of the crops and consequently the desired amount of production won’t be achieved.As a solution we should believe that a plant is a living creature and we should establish a Harmony between our expectations of a plant and the plant needs. Optimizing plant nutrition is the most important element of the plant nutritional management and it means we know the exact time and rate of each Nutrient we supply the plant with . And we should also know the purpose of feeding .Being aware of this fact and moving towards it can create a great progress in quality and quantity of the agricultural crops. With this attitude Agripars Products tries to make the farmers familiar with Genetic potential of their products and optimizes the nutrition of the crops in the direction of nutrition management. With respect to the principle Nobody is perfect In order to achieve the above mentioned goals We need the consultation and Scientific & Empirical support of farmers and the experts.         

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